Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Our Pick of Wedding Vendors.

A few friends have been asking me for recommendations; where do I get my dresses from, who to do the hair and make up, wedding venues, shoes, invitation cards etc. I'll try to cramp all these details into one post.

First off, I'm still reeling from the engagement cum pre wedding shoot we had last year. Although some people who have seen the pictures still ask me, ' so when are you going to do your pre-wedding shoot?' and I told them 'Errrr, we did it already. It's the ones in Shepherd Pictures's facebook.'
I guess, since we didn't do the whole fancy schmancy 'gown and suit' photoshoot, it doesn't look like your normal prewedding shoot. But that was what Oliver and I wanted. 'Sides, Oliver and I agreed that the only time he'll see me in a white gown donning a white veil would be the day I walk down the aisle to say, 'I do'. Having said that, yes, Shepherd Pictures is our official photographer and cinematographer for both prewedding and actual wedding in August. I can tell you, when we first engaged them as our photographers, we were a bit unsure because we haven't seen a lot of their work since they are quite new in the business. But just check out their work in their Facebook. Their pictures are getting better and better. As their client and friend, I am so proud of them.Then, as I mentioned in my previous post, a bride has to look her best on her big day. So, get a good hair and make up artist. I got Jeffie Jeff who is kinda like the hair and make up artist/celebrity in town. We did a wedding trial makeover sometime back and at first, I thought the make up was a tad too heavy, but when he took a picture of it, it looks amazing in photo. Maybe I am not used to the whole heavier foundation, thick and fake eye lashes  etc. But I think, I still want to tone it down for my big day. I like it more au natural.

This was at Jeffie Jeff's studio in Karamunsing Capital. I like his studio. So classy in black & white.
What else? Right. The dress! I got my wedding dress from Lasposa, SS2 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Of course, I cannot reveal the gown I chose here. Nevertheless, their customer service was good. I ordered two dresses from them because initially, we planned for two receptions. But then, the second reception was cancelled. So, I called them up to ask whether I can cancel a dress knowing that it was specified in their purchase terms and conditions that order is non refundable. But they agreed to cancel my order. Thank God! I also got a dinner dress from D'glitters Boutique in Desa Hartamas, Selangor recommended by a friend. In turn, I would recommend bride to be to check out this boutique. They have a variety of evening dresses which in my opinion are quite gorgeous and affordable. They also sell white wedding gowns with laces and tulles. I saw this really nice mermaid lace white dress and tried it on. It didn't fit me. :( Still, it's worth checking them out. Other details; let's see, shoes from Lewre, wedding invitation cards from Alice Wedding Gallery (Lintas Branch, they also have a branch in 1Borneo besides Tune Store) complimentary from our official wedding reception venue, Pacific Sutera, Sutera Harbour.

And......I think that's all we got for now. A few other things will be sorted out in due time. I'm going to Singapore this weekend to meet up with Penny and Hwan Li, two of my three bridesmaid to look for their dresses. I need to source vendors for flowers, cakes/cupcakes, after ceremony catering etc. After the wedding ceremony, we're going to have a light brunch reception and I'm planning to do a bit of DIY decor. Nothing to fancy though. I guess, everything is under control for now. No need to panic. Breathe in, breathe out. (for self reassurance). Planning a wedding is quite a task. And it's normal to feel a bit stressful because of course, you want your wedding day to be amazing and memorable.  But always bear in mind, that at the end of the day, it's all about the joy of tying the knot with your future husband. So enjoy planning you brides and grooms to be.

P.S. All the vendors specified above are linked to their websites or Facebook. :)