Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Hi 2016.

2016 is a year that brings big changes. I just know it. For a start, we have a pre-kindergartener in the house! Over the past two weeks, Zachary has been going to school Monday to Friday. The first few days, I got to sit in the class with him. That actually meant me sitting in a far corner, trying to keep myself busy with puzzles and iBooks while really restraining myself from getting 'too involved' like when Zachary snatched a toy from another kid instead of asking for it nicely or having to protect him when there was a mean kid two o'clock scheming to hit him from behind. Okay, so the kid was not all mean. I just realised the kid might just be jealous because he used to be the youngest in class and got more attention from the teachers until Zachary came. Anyways, after a few days sitting in the class, i gradually transitioned to sitting outside the class but still within Zachary's sight, so he would come out a few times just to check if I was still there doing my puzzles. At beginning of second week, again we took things a little further. I would hide in another room (where he can't see me) and the teacher would only bring him in if he is inconsolable. He did pretty okay most days.

Fast forward to now, the third week, guess what, I am currently at home writing this while my kid is in play school. How cool is that! Oh the freedom even though it is only for a couple of hours. Now, I have to figure out what i should do with these extra free time. It feels nice. Okay, so I kinda miss my little guy. Look at phone, no calls from the teacher. He is doing good. My boy is doing good. He is growing up. *Cries*.

Speaking of growing up, Zachary is at a really fun (and challenging) age to be with. I wouldn't as so much say he has the terrible two. I just don't think he is that terrible. yet. I like that he communicates pretty well for a two year old. I understand most of what he is trying to say except for when he goes "howthewedda?". He says it every time and it sounds like 'How's the weather?" but sometimes it doesn't fit the context during the time of speech. So, we are still trying to figure that out.  I love that he loves snuggles. I still snuggle him to sleep every nap and bed time. He wouldn't have it otherwise. He needs his post nap snuggles otherwise he would be a grumpy little guy. These 'snuggle moments' are pretty dear and precious to me and more so now because let's face it, he's growing up and these snuggles will get less and less and before i know it, he's probably too cool for snuggles. *Cries again. I also noticed now that he is more comfortable playing by himself. Usually, when I am in the kitchen preparing meals or doing chores, he would stick around me, sometimes playing by himself, sometimes wanting to do what I am doing. But more recently, i noticed he would go to the room next to the kitchen, close the door and he could just stay there for a good amount of time, enough for me to get worry and check if he is still alive just to see him either playing with his toys or reading books quietly. 

So, there is that. Anyways, here are some pictures of of Zachary and his mini play school adventure.

Do you know that kindergarden is actually a German word (kinder-children and garten-garden ).
First day of school, getting to know the teacher and his surroundings.
Spent some time outside exploring the school ground. Also rocking his oversize jacket.
Playing 'dough' with friends.
This was Zachary impressing his teacher by naming the dinosaurs he knows. "This is Triceratops!, This is Pteranodon.' 'Oh, Stegosaurus has sharp spikes!'. I'm a proud momma.
Oh, this picture was taken when I was waiting idly outside of Zachary's school admiring how the sky looked that day.

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